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Fearwell - A melodic death/power metal band from Leiden, The Netherlands, formed in 2020 and conquered the metal scene in a furious storm of raining molten drops of metal. 

Dive down the Well of Fear at an event or stage near! Experience a night you’ll never forget, one that’ll make you say “Fearwell” instead of “farewell”. An hour long apocalypse with comets of songs and asteroids of riffs, maniacal machine gun drums, volcanic eruptions of bombastic bass, virtuoso vocals and jolts of epic orchestras and an intimidating band mascot that’ll keep his eyes on you. Fearwell is a lot of things. Fearwell is catchy, Fearwell is virtuoso, Fearwell is show, Fearwell is astonishing, Fearwell is Fearwell.

After the release of critically acclaimed debut album Well of Fear in August 2022, the band played their first live show during the Leiden liberation day on the first of October in 2022. Fearwell stormed the metal scene and won over many metal hearts. Fearwell became a (fear)well established name and within a year they were asked to perform and support at noteworthy venues such as Metal Experience Fest, Fuizenfest and with well-known bands like Burning Witches, Pestilence, Tygers of Pan Tang, Sisters of Suffocation, Vicious rumors, Bodyfarm, Quartz and even with band members from Dragonforce (Sam Totman). Their ferocity combined with high skilled musicianship on stage is unmatched and a new cyclone of fresh air.

Fearwell is made up of professional musicians that have shared a stage with Ex-Iron Maiden’s Blaze Bayley multiple times, Dragonforce Sam Totman, Destruction, Kensington, Diesel, The Dead Daisies, Bliksem, Carach Angren, Burning Witches, Sisters of Suffocation and Vicious Rumors and have played in Musikmesse Frankfurt, Melkweg, Silverdome, Fuizenfest, Metal Experience Fest and Evenemententerrein Sallandse Poort, Raalte and many, many more noteworthy stages and events.

Read more about the band or check out the reviews and photos below.

The Line-up:

Jeremy Geels (Vocals, Lead-guitar)

Johan van der Linden (Heavy Vocals)

Brian Walters (Guitar)

Joeri Straver (Bass)

Diego Chang (Key)

Job Eikenboom (Drums)


Stream on:



Leiden, The Netherlands

Contact person: Jeremy Geels
+31 - (0)6 44  29 32 28

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Reviewed positively by Glenn Fricker of Spectre Sounds on his live review.

“You can basically hear what Fearwell is all about – passages of tension bordering on the grandiose, flecks of cutting speed metal ... nodding occasionally to Yngwie Malmsteen while flirting with, say, Children Of Bodom and also the more classically trained metal experimentalists.”

- Metal Forces

"I found the music catchy, energetic, with a heavy complex riveting classic power metal/thrash edge coupled with a fist pumping bounce. I found the songs to be diverse with lots of character and spirit within the musical structures, the musicianship is thrilling and adrenaline packed throughout the album. I think the that the compositions sound great and you have made a cool diverse album that I think our readers would enjoy. Good solid vibe, great production, excellent performances, and you can feel the vibrant energy through the speakers.

I enjoyed the whole album."

- Nicky Baldrian, Power Play Magazine (UK), Two Side Moon

Featured on Powerplay Magazine. Issue 257, November 2022.

Fearwell Aardschok.JPG

Fearwell in Aardschok Nr. 11 November 2023. The largest Metal Magazine in the Netherlands. Click to enlarge.

"Your work is really heavy but also catchy and I believe that you can get far!"

- Kostas Salomidis, co-founder Sorrow Path and Angels PR / K.S. Artist Promotion

77/100 and featured in Metal Experience playlist. Also performed during Metal Experience Fest fifth edition. 

- Metal-Experience

Featured on Metal Archives

“Relying heavily on complex songwriting and musicianship to really sell their sound along with the dual vocal attack of Jeremy's clean singing and Johan's grunts... all while being as badass and epic as you could ask for. A solid, individual debut from a band worth watching.”

4,5 stars out of 5

- Luxi Lahtinen, The Metal Crypt

Featured in Arrow Lords of Metal. A well established name in the Dutch metal scene.

Interviewed by Metalheads Worldwide.

Featured multiple times on Avrotros Radio 2 metal playlist: Keiharde Pödcast. As well as Metal experience, Fuizenfest playlists and many more! 

Featured and interviewed in Robert Carrigan's Album Reviews

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