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Meet our keyboard eraser. Ready to blast a jolt of synths, keys, strings, organs and full blown orchestra's from the skies. Known from Live Laugh Lobotomy and many noteworthy live performances. An unleashed thunderstorm of keys that will shock you to the core.




"I basically grew up in a music school, which gave me the opportunity to learn a lot of different music styles and instruments (keys, bass, guitar, drums, you name it!). Still I only started playing when I was 13 because I was too busy playing Mario kart in the years prior. Now I love all kinds of nutritious harmonies and rhythms! My musical journey started on piano when my dad decided that I should take piano lessons from one of Leiden’s greatest pianists, Ewald Ebing. My first years on piano consisted of learning all the ABC’s of harmony; primarily focussing on jazz tunes and some classical pieces by Chopin and other composers. While learning the piano I also picked up fretless bass as my second instrument after falling in love with Jaco Pastorius’ self titled album and his work on Weather Report’s Heavy Weather album. During this time I also took drum lessons, which to be honest was the hardest for me to learn.



My first bands were mostly funk and blues rock. Playing in a blues rock band later inspired me to pick up the guitar as well and learning to absolutely milk the F out of 12 bars of three chords… This earned me the nickname of Stevie Ray Chang, because like all blues guitarists I too was a SRV fanboy with a poorly set up Stratocaster strung up with 13 gauge strings. Finally after a couple of years I tried singing after hearing Jeff Buckley’s album Grace for the first time. Of course I wouldn’t come anywhere near that level of vocal gymnastics and feel, but it gave me a lot of inspiration on song writing nonetheless.


Surprisingly, I didn’t learn much about metal except for occasionally having my mind blown by guitarists like Yngwie Malmsteen and Marty Friedman or my best friend letting me listen to his huge pile of metal CD’s. When I got asked for my first metal band (Live Laugh Lobotomy) as a guitarist and 2 years later as a keyboard player for Fearwell, I was a bit frightened at first, but I’m always open for a challenge! Fearwell also came into my life quite unexpectedly. I met Jeremy while making sketchy compounds in a lab and never looked back since… I like the raw, yet nuanced energy of this band and love how all the different harmonies and parts interact with each other. The band really feels like a family, and everyone is really dedicated to their craft."

Diego Chang bandpic

"Hit me with your car, so that I can collect disability checks to pay for my student debt"

The Max Renner Show


Muse, Jaco Pastorius, Bach, Stevie Ray & Wonder, Jeff Buckley, Level 42, Yngwie Malmsteen, Chopin, Charlie Parker, The Beatles, Stochelo Rosenberg, Jacob Collier, Dodie Clarke, Eric Johnson, Prefab Sprout, John Mayer, Soundgarden, Polyphia, Molly Tuttle, my favorite writer of chonky riffs Darius van Rooij, and my beast of a musician dad Iwan de Reus and much, much more.

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