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Meet our guitar/throat destroyer. Ready to unleash his comet of riffs, vocals and songs upon the world. Known from Iron Maiden tribute band Piece of Maiden, Hellbender, Live Laugh Lobotomy and Wrecking Crew, he will rock your world with his stage and musical performances. 




"My old man used to play metal music in his car, I liked every song with killer guitar and singers. When I was twelve I got the chance to play guitar with my uncle (known from Rowwen Hèze), the amp wasn't grounded, shocking me nastily. I vowed to never touch a guitar again. That was until I was 18 years old and my will to play guitar overcame my fear of getting shocked. I was a huge Children of Bodom fan because of their insane neoclassical guitar riffs and I wanted to be able to make songs just like them and bands like Malmsteen and Maiden. My uncle gifted me his fender squier and a behringer V-AMP 2.
I started out learning Maiden right away, but my dad and uncle told me I should slow down and start with the basics. They told me less is more. I refused, because I wanted to play metal ASAP. My dad made a bet: "Well then... If you can play Aces High within a month, including the solo, I will give you a thousand euro's". Ofcourse I started learning right of the bat and I learned it. I sank all my free time in learning Aces High. My dad was astonished and realized he needed to keep his word when I played it for him that day. He laughed. He told me that he would pay up when the time was right.



After a year he bought me a Dean ML Lightning (shockingly ironic) for my birthday and when I joined my first band a Marshall JCM 800, which I both use even to this day! Needless to say, he kept his word. 



I started writing and composing for Fearwell when I started playing guitar. The verses in Hypocrite and Well of Fear for example were composed in my first year of playing guitar. Making Fearwell a project dating back to 2010. I always knew this was my destiny when I picked up that guitar and now we're finally there. Music helped me shape my life and helped me through very bad times and getting to know myself. Without music, I don't know where my life would be. Probably in the Well of Fear.
I am very excited to share my music with you on stage and set my creativity loose on the world."



"People kept on telling me to slow down. Remember, less is more. How can that be? How can less be more? It's impossible. More is more."

- Yngwie J. Malmsteen

Children of Bodom, Death, Iron Maiden, Vektor, Kalmah, Yngwie Malmsteen, Gary Moore, Pantera, Dio, Saxon, Slayer, Wrecking Crew, Overkill, Megadeth, Judas Priest, Bodycount, Cavalera Conspiracy, Rage against the machine, Ozzy Osbourne, Heart, Dimmu Borgir, Dream evil, Carcass. Game and classical composers like Grant Kirkhope, David Wise, Ian Taylor, Russell Brower, Jason Hayes, Neal Acree, Glenn Stafford, Derek Duke,  Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Tsjaikovski, Vivaldi, Rachmaninov, Dvorak, Wagner, Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Ennio Morricone, Howard Shore, Even Eminem and old popsongs like Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, Prince, Bruce Springsteen, Talk Talk, ACDC, Joe Jackson, Phil Collins, Bryan Adams, Joe Cocker, Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac, Megan O'Reilly, Slade, UB40, Billy Joel and much, much more!

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