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Meet our four-string bass fury. Ready to erupt like a volcano of bombastic bass. Known from Iron Maiden tribute band Piece of Maiden, The Timers and The Various.

A volcanic eruption that will cause the stage to tremble with the grooves of bombastic bass.




"When my parents were around there was music and the other way around. I grew fondly of their musical interests and started to play their cd’s in my room and sneak them into the car when we went on holiday. When I turned 14 years old I wanted to play the songs I love and started out playing guitar at a local musical school in my hometown. I played guitar in several bands and composed songs with friends and loved to perform on stage.



After a few years I grew bored of playing guitar and decided to play bass in a band. Here comes the fun part though: I didn't even have bass guitar. So I rented a pink Ibanez bass guitar and an amp and started jamming out Iron Maiden’s song ‘Wrathchild’. After a few weeks I bought my first bass guitar at a local music shop which was going bust the next month. It was a Ken Smith Design bass guitar which I still play on this day. The guy at the store also offerend an amp for me because he needed to get rid of it anyway. He gave me a Hartke A70 bass amp for a very big discount. Over the next several years I was involved in recording a couple of EP’s with ‘The Timers’ in 2015 and 2018 and played a chunk of gigs in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. In 2019 I did the bass on an EP by ‘The Various’ and did a few gigs with them.


I've known Jeremy since elementary school and the fun part is, the town we lived in was very small, yet produced a lot of metalheads. When Jeremy called me in 2019 to join Fearwell, I didn’t hesitate a second. Even though I've never played in a metal band I've always wanted to. So it was quite exciting to try something new. Now I’m ready to unleash my fury of bombastic bass and erupt on stage. 

See you on the road! If there's any left after I've erupted, that is"


Joeri Straver bandpic

"Music is powerful. As people listen to it, they can be affected. They respond. " - Ray Charles

Iron Maiden, Death, Rush, Testament, Blood Red Throne, Suicidal Tendencies, King Crimson and much, much more.

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