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Fearwell - An all-star melodic metal band from Leiden.

Dive down the "Well of Fear" and take the musical journey through fast mind-blowing guitars, piercing harmonies, machine gun drums, bombastic bass, virtuoso vocals, epic orchestra's and relatable lyrics that touch the soul. Fearwell doesn't fit into one genre, instead it unleashes a fury of many influences. Symphonic/melodic death metal, Thrash metal, Power metal, Progressive death metal, Heavy metal, black metal, Neo-classical metal and even Film, Classical and Game Music. A supernova of these influences that create an original band with memorable, yet different music.

You will be surprised by Fearwell's diverse and quality debut-album "Well of Fear". A nearly hour long masterpiece. An eruption of heavy molten guitars, drums and vocals. Tempered by a tsunami of Catchiness, bass, orchestra's and Philosophical lyrics. To form a solid, balanced and (fear)well crafted rock that is "Well of Fear". Dive down the "Well of Fear" and journey further through the album to understand your "Philosopher's Mind". All "Alone" until you reach the "Ocean of Anger" and swim into the "Bay of Matanzas".

Fearwell will bring a full frontal assault to your nearest venue. Fearwell has a lot of stage performance and experience to give a night to remember! One that will make you say "Fearwell" instead of "Farewell".


Jeremy Geels (Vocals, Lead-guitar)
Johan van der Linden (Heavy Vocals)
Brian Walters (Guitar)
Joeri Straver (Bass)
Diego Chang (Keys)

Job Eikenboom (Drums)


Children of Bodom, Death, Iron Maiden, Vektor, Kalmah,

Yngwie Malmsteen, Dimmu Borgir, Dream evil,

Carcass (heartwork) and several classical, film and

game composers

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Fearwell Eyes.png
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